How is AQS Different?

AQS believes that the vision and mission statements that launched the organization in 1999 remain the philosophical foundation upon which the company will continue to operate.  These are:  The Overall Purpose of Education

  • Living a full life
  • Earning a living
  • Good citizenship

The Key Elements of Quality Schools

  • High standards
  • A disciplined and orderly school environment
  • Effort on the part of students
  • A stable and supportive family
  • Dedicated and competent teachers
  • Reduced school bureaucracy
  • A school culture which encourages and rewards risk, flexibility, creativity, and options

The Key Educational Goals

  1. All students will become grade proficient in the basic skills of reading, writing, mathematical computation, computer literacy, and critical thinking/problem solving.
  2. All students will develop a sense of self-worth.
  3. All students will develop a sense of moral and ethical behavior.
  4. All students will develop a sense of reciprocal obligation to their family, their school, and their country (citizenship).
  5. All students will develop an appreciation and tolerance for various viewpoints, races, religions, and ethnic origins of our multi-cultural nation.
  6. All students will develop the knowledge, skills, work attitudes, and habits which will allow them to become productive members of the American and global economy.

The Key Organizational Goals For Teachers

  1. All teachers will have a clear understanding of the AQS mission and goals.
  2. All teachers will be treated with respect as professionals.
  3. All teachers will view the AQS administration as having as its main purpose the help and support of them in successfully educating students.
  4. All teachers will be empowered to exercise their voice in school policies.
  5. All teachers will be rewarded on the basis of a fair assessment of their performance as defined by their job descriptions.
  6. All teachers will participate in making AQS a true learning organization dedicated to creating and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

For Parents and Other Stakeholders

  1. All will have a clear understanding of the vision, mission, and goals of AQS as an organization.
  2. All will have access to regular and understandable information on school programs, policies, finances, and the academic achievement of students.
  3. All will have reasonable open access to AQS faculty and administration.
  4. All will perceive AQS as an organization that welcomes parents and community citizens as necessary partners in the work of providing a high quality education for each child.
  5. All will recognize AQS as an organization that operates within the framework of high ethical standards.


No Excuses, Just Results