Elementary Curriculum

Core Knowledge Sequence

All AQS elementary schools utilize the Core Knowledge Sequence, which is aligned with state standards for each grade level in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Science, Physical Development and Health, Fine Arts, and Foreign Language. The Core Knowledge Sequence goes beyond state standards by allowing students to be challenged by a rigorous, sequentially structured curriculum, which simultaneously enhances skill development and critical thinking, as well as content mastery. Core Knowledge serves as the foundation for college preparatory work.

Paideia Method

Paideia (pronounced py-dee-a) represents a philosophy and strategy for structuring the school organization and utilizing various teaching strategies and methodologies.

Character Education

Today's children face a complex and troubling world sometimes filled with uncertainties. The traits that we hope to instill are neither readily apparent nor easy to grasp and put into practice. Therefore, our challenge is to provide young people with the self-esteem, energy, and knowledge necessary to survive, be successful and develop into strong, competent, caring, and responsible citizens. The "Character Counts" program along with AQS developed materials are used to teach Character Education.


Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy utilizes EnVisionMath Common Core for Math Instruction. Included are sets of Student Math Packs and an abundance of teacher resources to assist with Guided Math and creating Explicit Instruction in the classroom. In addition Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy uses, MobyMax, an online resource that offers math curriculum for students grades K-6. All lessons are aligned with the Common Core Standards. 

Plato Learning Academy is using Engage NY as a foundation for their math curriculum. This program aligns perfectly with both the NWEA MAP as well as the supplemental online site Khan Academy. Combining a variety of instructional resources including YouTube videos, rigorous classwork, and relevant activities, Engage NY has proven successful as a pilot program during the last two years. Additional math materials include Pearson's "EnVision" and McGraw Hill's "My Math."


Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy utilizes Reading Street Common Core for the ELA curriculum. Students read the stories in the basal text and utilize guided reading to increase academic achievement. Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy uses Daily 5, a literacy framework that instills behaviors of independence, creates a classroom of highly engaged readers, writers, and learners, and provides teachers with time and structure to meet diverse student needs. In addition, MobyMax is an online resource that offers reading and vocabulary curriculum for students grades K-6. All lessons are aligned with the Common Core Standards.

Plato Learning Academy is using Engage NY and the 6+1 Traits for Writing as a foundation for their ELA curriculum. These two programs ensure that students are both reading and analyzing complex texts as well as responding with structured writing pieces. Additional ELA materials include Pearon's "Perspective" and "Reading Street."